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The Baccarat Banque

The Baccarat Banque

 Although it looks a lot like the original version of Baccarat , the main difference between Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer is that the Banco must not give up its role even in the event of a defeat.

In fact, the bank passes only if it wants to withdraw the winnings deposited in the “bank” or has completely drained all its substances.

Generally in this version of baccarat the player who assumes the role of Banco is the one who is willing to invest the highest amount , even if in some casinos the role is assigned solely on the basis of the order of registration at the table.

The blackboard to reserve the role of “Banco”

In practice, in many casinos a board is placed near the table where players can sign up to participate in the Baccarat Banque table. The player who scores first on the list is the one who will play the role of ” Banco “.

The decks of cards that can be used in this particular variant can be from 2 to 4, but generally 3 decks of 52 cards are used.

Although the role of the dealer is played by one of the participants, who physically distributes the cards to the other players, at each table there is a casino dealer, who is in charge of checking the correctness of the operations and shuffles the decks of cards. .

The rules

This particular variant of the game can see the presence at the table of 10 players , distributed in two groups of 5 and placed to the right and left of the dealer.

The croupier shuffles the cards and passes them to the ” player-banker ” who distributes two to himself, two to the first player on his left and two to the player sitting on his right. The two players sitting close to the desk represent the two groups sitting at the table and are therefore his opponents.

This role of direct opponent of the dealer and of ” representative ” of the group of players must be surrendered in case of defeat , even if the “player-representative” can decide autonomously to pass his role to another participant.

Contrary to the Chemin de Fer version, all participants have the right to totally match the dealer’s bet and can perform this action by simply calling: “Banco”.

Call order

The precedence in the calling order belongs to whoever sits on the right of the dealer, then to the player who sits on his left and so on until the end of the table. In the event that two players call the “ Banco ” at the same time, they divide the calling fee.

Whoever makes the particular call on the Bank can play on one hand or on two hands separately, dividing the amount in half.

As far as the distribution of cards is concerned, this variant follows the rules of Chemin de Fer, with the possibility for the three main players to request a third card, unless they have a ” natural “.